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08E – Shotgun Training (3 hours + range)

08E – Shotgun Training (3 hours + range)


Entry-level Shotgun Training (08E)

A. Shotgun classroom training. Individual must first successfully complete entry-level or security officer handgun training. The entry-level shotgun classroom instruction will emphasize but not be limited to:

1. Shotgun handling techniques
    a. Identification of shotgun parts
    b. Slings - traditional sling, single point sling, 3 point sling
    c. Cruiser carry conditions
    d. Cruiser safe
    e. Chambering
    f. Reloading
    g. Transition from handgun to shotgun/shotgun to handgun (if applicable)
    h. Malfunctions
       1. Immediate actions procedures
       2. Remedial action
    i. Proper care and maintenance
    j. Shotgun retention
    k. Ammunition management and identification
    l. Range safety
    m. Dim light/low light

2. Fundamentals of shotgun marksmanship
    a. Grip
    b. Stance (position)
    c. Sight alignment
    d. Sight picture
    e. Trigger control
    f. Breathing
    g. Follow through

3. Written examination

Total hours excluding examination (3 hours)

This is the course certified by the Virginia Dept. of Criminal Justice Services needed to obtain your firearms endorsement for the carry of a 12 gauge shotgun as a PPS Agent, Bail Agent, or Security Officer. (2 hours plus range time)

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