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07E – Basic Handgun Training (16 hours + range)

07E – Basic Handgun Training (16 hours + range)


Handgun (07E)
The entry-level handgun classroom training will include but not be limited to the following:

A. Practical handgun handling
    1. Identification of handgun parts
    2. Draw
    3. Reholstering
    4. Ready position
    5. Loading
    6. Administrative loading
    7. Tactical reloading
    8.  Rapid reloading
    9. Unloading
    10. Malfunctions
    11. Immediate actions procedures
    12. Remedial action
    13. Proper care and maintenance
    14. Firearms retention
    15. Ammunition identification and management
    16. Range safety

B. Fundamentals of marksmanship
    1. Grip
    2. Stance (position)
    3. Sight alignment
    4. Sight picture
    5. Trigger control
    6. Breathing
    7. Follow through

C. Dim light/low light/reduced light practice and familiarization
    1. Identification of target/threat/background
    2. Unaided training
    3. Aided training
    4. Flashlight use
    5. Reloading during low light conditions
    6. Malfunctions
    7. Range safety

D. Use of force
    1. Deadly force
    2. Justifiable deadly force

E. Liability
    1. Criminal liability
    2. Civil liability
    3. Negligent discharge prevention

F. Judgmental shooting: judgmental shooting scenarios will be conducted in the classroom/range
G. Lead exposure

Total Hours (excluding written examination) - 16 hours

Written examination required.



Firearms Training for all registered persons and agents (except Security Officers) - 16 hours plus range quals

VA Code: 07E

This is the course certified by the Virginia Dept. of Criminal Justice Services needed to obtain your firearms endorsement to carry on duty as a PI, Bail Agent, or Security Officer.

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